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Years of school education correlate with happiness

What’s amazing is that there is a strong correlation between the years of education you’ve had and the happiness you experience in life. Happiness is a tough thing to gauge so the studies done on this subject address broad swaths of data across hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of people. The test they give is simple and really just asks if you feel happy.

However, it turns out that people with higher levels of education are in fact happier in the long term. Of course, that’s not due to some magical thing you’re given at college. It’s due to the benefits you’re given in life by having that education. You get a better job, which leads to more money, which leads to you living in a safer neighborhood and driving a safer car. Many of the stresses of life that can drag down your happiness are eliminated and thus your happiness goes up. It’s simple, really. Get that education and happiness can be yours.