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Should you send your kids to private school or go public?

The truth of the matter is that in the United States, at least, it’s almost always the right choice to send your kids to a private school. The fact is that in the public schools they essentially teach to the dumbest kid in the class. They can’t afford to let the stupid kid completely fail [...]

Free school education in Finland

The citizens of Finland are entitled to a free education all the way through to their graduation from university. The government pays for everything (and taxes their citizens a great deal to pay for everything, but that’s how these things work) and the benefits are seen throughout society. Finland is routinely near the top of [...]

The expense of higher school education in the US is enormous

The increasing cost of higher school education in the United States is far outpacing inflation and at some point it’s going to become a serious enough problem that the country as a whole suffers. If you come out of school carrying $250,000 in debt that’s likely bigger than your first mortgage would be, which means [...]

School education is more important than you think

Getting a good education can have a staggering impact on your life and the higher you go the more of an impact it has. Sure, it takes another two years to get that masters degree or another four to become an MD or another three to become a lawyer but in the long run the [...]

Years of school education correlate with happiness

What’s amazing is that there is a strong correlation between the years of education you’ve had and the happiness you experience in life. Happiness is a tough thing to gauge so the studies done on this subject address broad swaths of data across hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of people. The test they give [...]

United States has best higher education system in the world

Although the education system in the United States is often maligned (and rightfully so) it turns out that our higher education system (college, basically) is quite excellent. It was just ranked as number one in the world by Universitas 21, a group dedicated to ranking countries and their higher education systems to stress how important [...]

Higher school education and happiness

Recently a study was released that making any more than $75,000 to $100,000 per year has no effect on your happiness. If you boil it down what they’re saying is that once you can afford the things you need like food, transportation, a place to live, and a little bit of leisure no amount of [...]

Higher school education makes you a lot more money

Get ready for some crazy numbers. The U.S. Census Bureau has released numbers that confirm that reality that getting a higher education provides you with far more income. It costs a great deal to get a college degree at most universities but it sure is worth it over the long run. If school education stopped [...]

Parents are the most important part of school education

The one thing you never hear talked about with regards to the improvement of school education is the parents. The reason you never hear it talked about is that if politicians were to accuse parents of being bad at their jobs they would never win those votes again. That would be bad for the politicians [...]

Teachers unions and education in the United States

In some pockets teachers unions are blamed for the decline of education in the United States. It’s hard to tell if that’s true but there are good arguments for why the unions are making it hard to improve education. It largely revolves around the teachers unions being incredibly strong and thus able to prevent any [...]